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Top 100 Hospital Application Paper – St. Elizabeth Community Hospital

There are over five thousand registered hospitals in the United States and every year Thomson Reuter’s Top 100 Hospitals ranks every one of them to provide citizens with a list of the best hospitals in the nation. (AHA Resource Center, 2013) Reuter’s program analyzes each hospital’s performance and then compares hospitals of similar size and status to determine which hospitals are to be recognized. For the past 6 years, in the small town of Red Bluff, California, St. Elizabeth Community Hospital has been awarded this recognition. (Mercy, 2012)

St. Elizabeth Community Hospital’s history began in 1882 as a small ministry hospital of the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy ran by the Irish Sisters of Mercy. St. Elizabeth’s was born in 1906 when a widow of the community, Elizabeth Kraft, gave Bishop Thomas Grace the deed to a building under three circumstances: “First, the property had to be used as a hospital; Second, the hospital had to be operated by the Sisters of Mercy; and, Third the name of the hospital would be St. Elizabeth.” (Mercy, 2012) Tragically, in 1913, the hospital was destroyed in a fire and wasn’t salvageable. The Sisters held fundraisers and the business people of Red Bluff made investments and supported them because they recognized the necessity and the hospital’s place in the community. In 1916, a new hospital was constructed for $25,000 and the town of Red Bluff began to grow and flourish. In 1978, a new, larger hospital had to be constructed to provide for the growing community and keep up with healthcare advancements. “This hospital featured all-private rooms in a 76-bed facility, and it provided for the care of medical, surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, emergency and intensive care patients.” (Mercy, 2012) This hospital has become the central location of care in Tehama County and is constantly growing to accommodate the growing population. In 1995, the sponsorship of the...
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