Top 100 Hospital

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What makes a top 100 Hospital

What makes a top 100 Hospital
Toi Lynn Santamaria
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What makes a top 100 Hospital

The Cleveland Clinic is in the top 20 of the top 100 Hospitals. Its official rank is 4th. The Cleveland Clinic is celebrating 90 years of excellent service. It opened its doors February 28th 1921. It was founded by four Doctors, Dr. George Crile, Dr. Frank Bunts. Dr. William Lower and Dr. John Phillips. Back in 1921 it was the first hospital of its kind, a not-for-profit group practice dedicated to patient care enhanced by research and education.( The Hospital was built with all the latest equipment available at that time. The Cleveland Clinic quickly outgrew its building having more added in the years to come. The Cleveland Clinic has accomplished many medical first. The Worlds first cine-coronary angiography, the first published coronary artery bypass surgery, first successful larynx transplant and the first near total face transplant. ( Tragedy was also a part of the past for the Cleveland Clinic. On May 15, 1929 over 120 people died from an explosion of x-ray film stored in the basement. One of the founders, John Phillips also died from the fumes . Frank Bunts had died suddenly years earlier. The hospital was in a state of ruin. But the two remaining founders Dr. Crile and Dr. Lower used their personal assets to rebuild the Cleveland clinic. Today it has over 37,000 employees, 16 health centers and 9 regional hospitals. 4 locations, one in Cleveland , Florida, Nevada and Canada with another opening in 2013 in Abu Dhabi. They are...
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