Top 10 Emerging Consumer Behavior Trends in Recession

Topics: Classified advertising, Advertising Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Recession…a word that everyone these days has had at least once on their minds. Changes in our personal lifestyles and even professional directions could not help but happen. There is not so much freedom of realizing our plans and dreams. There is not so much passion any more in things that fueled us before. At the same time, the show must go on and if you are an observant marketer or a simple consumer, you must have started witnessing the following consumer trends driven by these challenging times. 1. “Sellsuming” - the increased need for cash prompted most consumers become “sellsumers” as the folks behind April’s 2009 trendswatching report named them. Consumers become very creative in selling “extra” space, services or products. Great examples include: renting space (residential and even parking), reselling unwanted clothes, furniture, jewelry, providing expert advice or extra help in gardening and on. What have you done recently? 2. Fishing for low-cost entertainment - spending more time than money on entertainment, or getting entertained at home becomes another common pastime for recession-councious consumers. Some turn to online gaming, which is free and easily accessible, some arrange for more movie/favorite show nights using or renting a bunch of DVDs on Netflix or elsewhere. According to emarketers’ analyst Paul Verna, “comScore’s measurements (up 27% more unique visits and 42% more total playing time in December 2008 than in December 2007) highlight the ongoing shift from high-cost, console-based gaming toward free, browser-based alternatives.” 3. If affluent, buying more online with discretion - people with extra money now flock on web to keep their shopping lifestyle in a more discrete way. According to emarketers’ article, affluent shoppers comprise of one fourth of all US internet audience, mostly focusing on buying PCs and mobile devices. Online merchants - this is your audience to court these days! 4. Increased online services and...
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