Tootsie Roll

Topics: Mastication, Chewing tobacco, What Would You Do? Pages: 4 (959 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Tootsie Roll Lab

Earth Science/ 3rd hour

Our question for our lab is to find out “How many chews does it take to chew a tootsie roll/frootie?” We are doing this lab report with this question to improve our lab writing skills. My hypothesis was that it will take approximately 30-45 chews to eat one tootsie roll/frootie, depending on the person chewing it. The materials that you will use are listed below: * 1 Cran /Blueberry frootie

* 1 Grape Frootie
* 1 Fruit punch Frootie
* 1 Regular Tootsie Roll
* 1 Green Apple Frootie
* 1 Blue raspberry Frootie
* 1 Strawberry Frootie
* 1 Watermelon Frootie
* Pencil and Paper
* Calculator
For this lab you do not have to use any safety equipment, but you could use safety goggles, gloves, and an apron, just in case. To do this lab you need to get all of the supplies, which are listed above. Then you need to make a hypothesis about anything that has to do with the main question, which we gave you. Then you need to make a data table that includes all of the types of tootsie rolls/frooties, and how many chews it took to chew each one (you can see mine under “Data Table”). After this you need to pick one person to eat ALL of the tootsie rolls/ frooties. This person that you had chosen to chew the tootsie rolls/frooties will unwrap one at a time and put it in their mouth and start chewing. The person chewing will count how many times they chew the tootsie roll/frootie that they have in their mouth. The person you picked will then repeat everything to each of the eight of the tootsie rolls/frooties, after each one you need to record how many chews it took to eat it.The independent variable in this lab was the tootsie roll/frootie we were eating. The dependent variable was how many chews it took to eat the tootsie roll/frootie. The constant would be the person chewing the tootsie...
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