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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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The immune system factor in both Blake's and Kevin's issues this week helped them by not letting them get sick. Both Blake and Kevin were present around some individuals that where sick. If you have a healthy strong immune system it will fight off infectonist diseases. The most common disease that is transfered or caught from one another is a cold. To prevent yourself from catching this infection cover your nose and mouth with you sleeve or shirt. Make sure you have and sanatizer with you at all times. After you touch a surface of a busy place or like for an good example say your in a hospital and there is people all around you sneezing and coughing you could go get a face mask and put it on. There are many ways you can prevent getiing an infection by carry hand sanitizer, or wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose around other people who are sick, or just stay home. These are just some suggestions. The immune system plays a very big role in everyones life. Some people have a very weak immune system unlike Blake and Kevin they could get sick or catch the infection faster than Blake and Kevin. Q1: 5

From what i have learned i will strat eating more healthier foods. I will cut back in going to a fast food resturaunts. i will get out and exercise more. I will also start reading foos labels when i go in the store with my mom to get grocreies. I will also tell my mom to start reading food labels and start getting more healhier food such as broccoli, carrorts, and more organic type foods. I will also cut back on using salt while cooking. I will try to get outside and exercise more. I will walk for about 3 miles one day. On another day I will jog for about a mile. Then on another i could ride a bike till i get tired. But before i do all that I will stretch muscles and strat off at a slow pace. Then i will start walking my dogs one day at a time. Walking them all at the same time will not workout. instead of me walking them they will be walking me. But maintaining a...
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