Tools and Equipment in the Galley

Topics: Cookware and bakeware, Cakes, Cake Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: December 9, 2012


1. Dinner spoon - used for partaking rice, soup, and other foods 2. Dinner fork – (four pronged) for main dishes , entrees, and others. 3. Soup spoon – this is smaller than dinner spoon, used for soup stirring coffee or tea, chocolate, and fruit juices. 4. Salad fork – (four-pronged) for salads and desserts. 5. Pickle fork – (three-pronged) for partaking pickles and other vegetables. 6. Oyster fork – (three-pronged) for partaking oysters and other seafoods. 7. Demitasse spoon – (9inch in length) for partaking food with ice-shaving or ice cream. 8. Dinner knife – (9inch in length) for slicing, picking, and other dining purposes. 9. Steak knife – (lighter in weight than dinner knife) for cutting roast beef, pork, and chicken. 10. Serving spoon- for serving main dishes, vegetables and other accompaniments. 11. Serving fork – for serving main dishes and salads. 12. Pastry server – for serving pastries, cakes, and the likes. 13. Soup ladle – (long handle, small rounded, deep bowl) used for serving soup, gravies and sauces. 14. Butter spreader – for spreading butter to bread.

15. Teaspoon – for stirring coffee or tea and juices and sometimes used for dessert. 16. Cake server – used for serving knife.
17. Place knife – used for serving main dishes.
18. Place fork – use with place knife for serving main dishes. 19. Place spoon – for serving main dishes.
20. Ladle – for picking rice and other dishes.
21. Cocktail fork – for picking aperitifs or appetizers.


1. Place Plate or Service Plate – A plate usually 12 inches in diameter used as underliner for dinner plates in formal service. 2. Dinner plate – a 10-inch diameter plate used for main dish in formal service. 3. Luncheon or Breakfast plate – this is a 9-inch multipurpose plate used for daily dining and for individual...
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