Topics: Human, Love, Narcissistic personality disorder Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Technology Breeds Narcissism
The technology that we invented in order to make our lives easier might in fact turn our lives for the worst. In Pain won’t kill you by Jonathan Franzen, he talks about our social life which is revolving around technology rather than the society itself. In every moment of our lives the advance of technology is thriving and expanding exponentially. We humans cannot do anything but get greedy and try to get our hands on everything possible. The act of socializing with the people around us has disappeared and the new gadgets have taken over. People are becoming narcissistic and self-absorbing because of the newly created technology that is being pushed by society. In our current society, everyone is looking for their perfect ideal soul mate, but little do they realize that they have already made one. In a relationship we look for a partner that “asks for nothing and gives everything”; this is exactly what technology is. Jonathan Franzen talks about how he replaced his old Black-Berry Pearl to a Black-Berry Bold. Our old phones won’t have anything to say and it is a win-win situation. We tend to replace our real personal relationship with human beings to the devices around us. We are so self-centered that we tend to forget the real relations that we have with humans and this is exactly what the author wanted us to think. Franzan uses motif and metaphor in his writing to display the self-absorbed lives that humans are living in. By using this rhetorical device he displays the true nature of human beings in our current society. He uses motif to give significance to the objects in order to portray how much humans love technology. In addition, he uses metaphors to show how humans are behaving like they are in love with a device. By using these two rhetoric devices he is able to put an emphasis on how shameful these acts are. Presently, it seems that when people gather for events all they do is just look at their phones rather than...
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