Too Far Ahead of the It Curve?

Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Cost, Implementation Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Too Far Ahead of the IT Curve?
Executive summary
Peachtree has grown rapidly and are facing problems with its IT infrastructure. It needs to look for a better solution. There are two options proposed to solve the issue whether to use a monolithic enterprise software system which is a single set of systems and applications and completes consistency across all of the hospitals but lack of flexibility for doctors and costly or to implement SOA which is a modular system with flexibility to go after selective standardization but risky as new technology. To select the new approach, Peachtree need to consider some criteria in respect to business, IT and medical perspectives such as costs vs. benefits, health care environment, desired outcomes, system implementations, IT support, and efficiency. SOA is recommended because it is more flexible and suitable for health care work environment. The risk of unpredictable outcomes and costs due to new technology could be overcome by conducting research and analysis and well-planned system implementation and training. Current situation

Peachtree has grown rapidly in the past 12 years through mergers from a teaching hospital into a regional network of 11 large and midsize institutions and each institution has its unique doctor-dominated identity and own proud history and culture. Peachtree is now under a pressure to standardize its systems and processes because it is believed that standardization is more competitive and better in a long run. In addition, Peachtree is facing major IT infrastructure problems. Its current information system does not meet its requirement to achieve the company’s objective of having quality, consistency, and continuity of care across the entire network and delivering all that with the highest levels of efficacy, economy, and respect for patients and staff. There was a meltdown of the information system at one of its facilities. The problem could cause safety hazards to patients because the system is...
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