Too Bad

Topics: Robot, Robotics, Isaac Asimov Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Analysis of Too Bad
Humans use machines in there every day life, in some form or the other. For example Mobile phone, computers, water boilers, medical equipments such as CAT scan machine or washing machines. These are just the inventions of the twenty first century and older times. But if we think of the future there could be so many types of machineries. The story “too bad by Isaac Asimov” is a science fiction, which looks at the mechanical possibilities of the future. Where a man named Arnfeld designs a robot named MIK27/ Mike. Arnfeld has a family history of cancer and gets it himself. When he is hospitalized doctors give him the options of chemical treatment and radio therapy but he denies of those options and chooses MIK27 as his cure. Mike’s obedience to follow his laws leads him to sacrifice his own life for the life of his creator’s. Arnfeld, using the knowledge of science invents a robot that saves his life. Arnfeld is a robot designer and the first designer to design a miniaturizing robot. When he gets cancer he uses his robot as his cure. From this we know that he trusted in his design with his life. He continuously argues with his wife saying that the robot will cure the cancer in him. He takes pride in this experiment and says to his wife that he will be known for two things in history first for creating Mike and second and more importantly for being the first person to use a machine like mike to cure cancer in him. MIK27’s compliance to his laws leads him to save Arnfeld’s life and killing himself. When MIK27 finally minimizes himself, he enters Arnfeld’s body and starts to kill the cancerous cells. When he finally finishes the process and has to come out he finds a complication which leads him to miniaturizing himself extremely small and killing himself. This he does because he is following his law. The First law states “A robot may not injure a human being or through interaction, allow a human being to come to harm. (Immoral stories pg 112).”...
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