Tony Fernandes

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I would like to review about Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes (also known as TonyFernandes) which was born in 30 th
of April in 1964 in Kuala Lumpur. He had graduated inaccountancy from the London School of Economics in 1987 and started working as FinancialController at Virgin Communications London for two years, Senior Financial Analyst atWarner Music International London for three years, and returns to Malaysia and became theyoungest Managing Director of Warner Director at Warner Music, as Regional ManagingDirector, ASEAN from 1996-1999 and Vice President, ASEAN until 2001 at Warner MusicSouth East Asia. When Time Warner Inc. merged with America Online Inc., he quitted andstarts his journey to fulfill his childhood dream. This idea is generated when he was studyingin England and wanted to go home during term break but was rejected by his father becausethe flights tickets are expensive. Later, he started a company under the name of TuneAir Sdn.Bhd to take over AirAsia, Malaysia’s second national carrier with the tagline “now everyonecan fly”. I like his idea that everyone can fly because not much people afford to go overseaswhen the flight ticket are expensive, especially it happens when only one company dominatethe market. He was awarded a lot of honour such as Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) honour, Forbes Asia Businessman 2010, Officer of the Legion d’ Honneur andso on as recognition to his contributions to the community in each country.I think Tony Fernandes possessed good leadership because he is able to react tochallenges and does not give up easily. From the material I got in the internet, it was a bigchallenge for him to start up because situation at that time was terrible and was widelyassumed that the low-cost model will fail. However, Tony Fernandes predicted that Asiawould face economy downturn and he could take this opportunity. The biggest challenge inhis pathway to succeed in turning AirAsia from a fledging government-link...
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