Tonio Kroger

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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1. Thomas Mann – Tonio Kroger

General Overview

* Similarities and differences between Thomas Mann and Tonio Kroger Similarities| Differences|
Mixed parents (and both of them were well aware of this fact)| Tonio Kroger – not married Thomas Mann – married|
homosexuality| Tonio Kroger – no kids, no siblings (It is to stress the fact that Tonio is an outcast)| Father’s death and the liquidated business| Thomas Mann – no foreign name| Outcast| Denmark |

Italy | |

* Working title : initially, Literature

* Main theme of the novella : a struggle with being an artist

* Tonio’s problem? : it lies within himself. He does not know where he belongs. ( existential crisis)
duality & polarity
loves and hates life at the same time. Artistic problem Thomas felt is reflected on Tonio **Tonio’s world = Thomas Mann’s world

* Hans Hansenn & Ingeborg Holm: represents “Life”

Life / Apollonian Part| Art / Dionysian Part|
North & West (familiar)| South & East (exotic)|
Health| Sickness|
Heterosexuality (normal/healthy/socially acceptable)| Homosexuality (forbidden)| Reason, intellectual| Feelings & emotion|
Norm| |
morality| Criminality|

**Art has to relate Life/Apollonian Part to the Art and Dionysian Part. To lessen the polarity, communication is needed between the two worlds.

* Concept of art has changed over the past
Simple hand work & determined by history ( arts as an instrument of politics) stabilize / destabilize politics

The narrative follows the course of a man's life from his schoolboy days to his adulthood. The son of a north German merchant and an Italian artist, Tonio inherited qualities from both sides of his family. As a child, he experiences conflicting feelings for...
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