Tone: The Measures Taken

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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Tone of “The Measures Taken”

We live in a world where there is always a rationalization for slaughtering, political elimination of anyone who stands in our way, and with whom we strongly disagree. After the Nazis killed Erich Fried’s father, he became aggressive and expressed his feeling through the poem “The Measures Taken.” He argues that the world will be beautiful and peaceful after the “slaughter” of the evil people (Kennedy and Gioia, 442). The world is full of suffering, and it is caused by the vandalism. The poem describes aggressiveness and chain of emotion. The point of view of the poem is all unwanted people should be slaughtered in order for others to live peaceful lives.

The writer does not want to see any unsought people in this world. He feels that these people are disturbing others. From the topic, we can imply that some portion of the population should be taken. So, when we look at the first line, we know that the writer is offensive of evil and unwanted people. There is not any cheerful tone in the entire poem. The first stanza of the poem says “The lazy are slaughtered/ the world grows industrious” (line 1-2). He feels clumsy people are hurting the industrial world. Their laziness is the main reason for industrial collapse. These people do not work fast and industries are not able to produce more products; Fried thinks that production is the initial cause of industrial downfall. However, some hard working people can be the cause of the economic crises. Many of them have corrupted the government money. They created unemployment in the world. Although the lazy do work slowly, they have not taken any property.

Furthermore, the writer looks around the world and sees ugly people. He thinks that repulsive people have made the whole society awful. He does not want them to live. Fried would prefer them to be slaughtered. So, “the world grows beautiful” (3-4). Nevertheless, ugly people have also contributed many things to this world. For...
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