Tone and Channel

Topics: British Council, United Kingdom, IELTS Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: March 28, 2013
1. Choose appropriate tone

We will use formal tone with British Council, because we don’t have close relationship with the British Council and the receiver, also, using this tone can share are willing and respect, and taking this action more serious.

We will use the tone between conversational and formal, because some of our classmate have good relationship with school union, and there are many students are willing to share or try to improve their English skill, using this tone can show the school atmosphere is friendly and people help each others.

2. Choose appropriate channel

We have choose to phone call to British Council first, for request British Council help to correct or improve our students writing skill and post the correction paper on Ielts magazine, this act might help for increasing British Council reputation, it might attract students evoke set when they think about to have Ielts examination. If the receiver is fine with this idea, we will send the detail through the email for further information. Phone call to School Union, request for any students who is willing to write an article or writing for improve their English skill, if the grammar is wrong, British Council will help for correct writing and post it on Ielts magazine. Using phone call will be more clear to have conversation with school union representative.

Deliver it

We would like to send the email on XXth March 2013 before we have planned to make a phone call to British Council that find marketing department for our purpose support. And if they request for more detail about the act, we will send the action plan detail to British Council through email for further information reference. Hence, we can confirm they know our intention very well.

We would like to make a phone call on xxth march 2013. Our team have plan to keep confirming with School Union for getting articles per week which is for British Council having the correction, and we will select the article...
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