Toms Shoes

Topics: Talk radio, Want, Audience Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: December 19, 2012
For my business speech I chose to talk about an organization called Toms Shoes. I think that I made good choice because they are sold in both men’s and women’s and can appeal to any age. The organization helps out people in need unlike majority of companies that we buy from. When coming into class the following week after I had given my speech a fellow classmate (Faigy) told me that she was out and noticed someone with a pair of toms on and approached them telling them that she knew what they were and actually asked them if they knew what the purpose behind them was. So after hearing this I think the audience’s response to my product was positive considering they took what they learned about the organization and talked about it outside of class. The requirement on the speech length was 4 – 5 minutes long; unfortunately mine was only 3:30 seconds long. When listening to myself I noticed that I have a tendency of talking very fast when I’m nervous or in front of a crowd. When reading of my note cards I did write side notes saying to stop and breathe and to smile and look around but the amount of nerves I had I skipped right over my side notes and just continued to talk. Now I know that when I write notes on my note cards to read them because taking a breath and slowing down extends the time of my speech. When transitioning from one paragraph to another I made sure that it wouldn’t just sound chopped up, I made sure that it was relative enough to the previous information so that I wasn’t just throwing sentences around.

When watching myself recorded I noticed that I had made eye contact several times, not as much as I had hoped I would. I knew that I should make more eye contact but when talking about an item that you are not completely familiar with its hard not to read of the cards. When I started my speech I didn’t want to just introduce the product I wanted to introduce why the product is so interesting and important to some people. I think that when hearing...
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