Tomorrow When the War Began

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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e war beA character whom I found interesting In “Tomorrow When the War Began” by John Marsden is Ellie Linton, the narrator, the ‘voice’ and the protagonist of the novel. The novel, Ellie has been through many morals of life, which changes the way she thinks and acts, making her become very philosophical. The way she reacts to her feelings towards Homer and Lee also appealed to me. The themes of survival, loyalty and courage are shown in the actions of Ellie, which contributes to making Ellie Linton an interesting character. In “Tomorrow When the War Began”, Ellie Linton’s character changes significantly from an innocent, ‘typical teenager’ to someone who “stopped being an innocent rural teenager and started becoming someone else, a more complicated capable person, a force to be reckoned with even, not just a polite obedient kid.” During the invasion, Elli’s mind matures significantly as her friends reveal what they are truly capable of, and she begins to see them differently. Robyn, who “had been on the floor as soon as he’d mentioned the word injections”, now finds blood fascinating, and Fi, despite the horror of the war stays with Ellie and fights. Ellie also becomes philosophical, and appears to have gained a lot of knowledge from her experience during the war. She begins to fear that “all the violent things she’d been doing with the ride-on mower and the truck, had turned me in the space of a couple of nights into a raging monster”, and “felt that her life was permanently damaged, that she could never be normal again”. Ellie’s mental changes make her interesting because she reflects in her actions, and decides whether it was for good or bad, and is able to judge people from their actions too. Another point that makes Ellie an interesting character is the actions and decisions she makes, which link to the themes of survival, loyalty and courage, because they are the three main ideas of the novel, showing parts of Ellie’s character. An important action of...
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