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CP American GovernmentName___Earl Potts Jr.____________________ Interest Group makeup Test CPPeriod__2____________

Matching – Match the following terms to the correct statement. Earl please complete and email back to me by March 28 at This will replace the test you received a 58% on. Mrs. Mullin

a.|AFL-CIO|d.|labor union|
b.|American Bar Association|e.|public-interest group|
c.|Chamber of Commerce|f.|trade association|

__E__1.represents millions of small businesses

__C__2.represents a division of the business community

__F__3.focuses on workplace issues

__A__4.the largest labor union for the benefit of all citizens

__B__6.professional organization

a.|amicus curiae brief|d.|lobbying|
b.|electioneering |e.|lobbyist|
c.|grass-roots pressure|f.|propaganda| for one side in a court case

__D__8.approaching policy makers to influence them

__F__9.method of persuasion

__E__10.person who tries to influence public officials

__B__11.when an interest group works to get someone elected

__C__12.when all group members put demands on government

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__D__13.Which of the following is true about interest groups? a.|not involved in elections|
b.|always support one candidate|
c.|ineffective in the states|
d.|may help pass new laws|

__C__14.Which is the main concern of an interest group as compared to a political party? a.|to win an election|
b.|to support a party|
c.|to shape public policy|
d.|to support politicians|

__B__15.What did James Madison think of interest groups?
a.|He admired them.|
B.|He was suspicious of them.|
c.|He thought they were helpful.|
d.|He wanted more of them.|

__d__16.Interest groups sometimes keep track of the work of public agencies and provide this information to legislators. This...
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