Tommy Boy

Topics: Sales, Tommy Boy, Company Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Claire Kiolbasa
October 9, 2012
Tommy Boy Essay
After seven years of college Tommy Callahan finally graduates from Marquette University, and returns home to Ohio. His dad who owns an automotive part company, gives him an executive job at the family company. When Tommy returns home his dad has some big surprises for him including his engagement to Beverly Burns, his personal trainer and the introduction to her son Tommy’s step brother. But, during the wedding reception tommy’s dad dies due to a sudden heart attack. After the funeral, the bank notifies the company that big tom had promises of a new loan for break pads, the key to his company.  Doubting the future of the company without Big Tom, the bank seeks immediate payment of Callahan Auto's debts. In a move that surprises even himself, Tommy suggests a deal: Tommy will let the bank hold his inherited shares and house in exchange for the bank giving him time to sell enough orders for brake pads to prove the new division's viability. If he sells the brake pads by the deadline, the bank will grant the loan. The bankers agree, and set Tommy's goal at proven sales of 500,000 brake pads. The bankers remind Tommy that if he should fail, the bank will use their ownership stake to convince the board to sell the company. Tommy sets out on a cross-nation sales trip with his father's former assistant, Richard Hayden. Meanwhile, Beverly and Paul are shown kissing romantically. They are not mother and son, but married con artists with criminal records. Their plan to steal from Big Tom has paid off early. Instead of eventually suing for divorce and taking half of Big Tom's estate, Beverly has inherited controlling interest in the company. To turn that into cash, she seeks a quick sale to self-described "auto parts king" Ray Zalinsky. On the road tommys quirky behaviors sort of push customers away from the company. These failures lead to tension between Tommy and Richard, which eventually escalates into a...
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