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Foreign film director and screenwriter Celine Sciamma sets up the movie with a light-hearted tone, and shows the complicated simplicity that is childhood through her screenplay “Tomboy”. In the movie, set up as a heart-warming drama, Zoe Heran plays the lead role of our main character Laure with surprising perfection. The film was made in France, and released in April of 2011. The three things I could say I appreciated the most about the film was the storyline, the acting and the setting. In this French film, the Family it focuses on is moving to a new town: Mom, Dad,Big sister, and little sister. The elder sister, Laure, is a little “different”. Not much attention is given to her at first until her “differences” start to cause problems in the neighborhood, and for the family. Laure is a tomboy, which by definition is: “an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits are considered more typical of a boy than a girl”. Laure is not only like this with her behavior, but also with her appearance! If the information of her being female was not splayed to the viewer in the film, it wouldn’t be apparent she was a girl. At first, it seems as though she sees herself as a female, but dresses and acts like a boy. But, once the neighborhood kids mistake her for a boy, she fills the role and does everything in her power to make sure it stays that way, whether it be by lying, hiding, changing her name, altering her body, or mimicking the behavioral or realational values of a male. A main point in the film is that Laure made a friend, a female friend named Lisa, and nobody thought, not even Laure, that she’d ever have a female companion besides her little sister. Laure walked, talked, and dressed like a boy, and told everybody she had a boy’s name. It was pretty obvious that everybody took a liking to “him”. Childhood love soon bloomed, but, let’s not forget the fact that Laure is actually a girl. Laure has a loving family. At the age of six, Jeanne,...
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