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Sample Informative Speech Outline

Topic: Tomatoes

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how to make two types of traditional Italian tomato sauce.

Thesis: The two main types of traditional Italian tomato sauce are the Sunday Meat Sauce (Gravy) and the Marinara.

I-The first and most common type of sauce is the Meat or Sunday Sauce.

A-The Sunday meat sauce is based on history and tradition.
1-Sunday sauce is a tradition in most Italian and Sicilian Families.         2-This tradition also was a part of my daily life. 3-Eating Sunday sauce was a way of keeping the family together.

    B-Making the Sunday sauce requires a few basic steps. 1-You need to use very specific ingredients and brands.
a-San Marzano brand tomatoes are essential.
b-Fresh Basil is also a must
        2-Next you need to prepare and cook the meat.
a-You need to brown pork, beef and the veal
3-You also need to add the tomatoes, vegetables and spices.
a-How to prepare the tomatoes
b-How to prepare the vegetables
c-How to prepare the spices
        4-Cooking times and precautions are also important.
a-Sauce should cook for 4-8 hours
b-Need to stir every 20 minutes to avoid burning

C-How to serve the Sunday meat sauce
1-This is a good time to invite friends and family over for dinner.         2-There are a variety of pastas you can use serve.         3-Must serve wine with the sauce.
            a-Wine makes the occasion more social,            b-A good red wine also compliments the taste of the sauce and meat, according to Food Magazine March 2008.

Now that you understand a little more about the meat sauce, let’s look at the second and final type of sauce, the marinara

II-The second type of tomato sauce is called marinara.
A-Marinara is much healthier and easier than most meals.
       1-Low in calories and fat
a-An average serving of pasta with marinara sauce contains 450 calories...
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