Tom Sawyer: A Hero

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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Genvieve Francis
Doctor Orser
English 3331

Tom Sawyer is a Hero.
Tom Sawyer, to many, seemed like a regular mischievous boy who lived for making his dear old Aunt Polly’s life miserable. However, if we examine the story closely, we see that Tom was not your regular boy-next-door kind of child. Even though we see where the notion of “Tom-foolery” developed as he was always up to some mischief, Tom was actually the hero portrayed in the story. Not because it is a self-titled story, but because he managed to save the day in one way or another for several people, including a few of the unlikely townspeople of St. Petersburg. Tom had a few friends, including Huck Finn who seems to be such a free spirit to the other children. However, to Huck Finn and the other boys, Tom was placed on a mantle because of his thirst for adventure, especially when he was the swashbuckling character of Robin Hood. Figuratively, he was hero to his friends, and to those whom he saved. Tom was able to orchestrate a host of imaginative feats that won the hearts of his compatriots. We see where Tom was able to convince his friends to do just about anything, including a daring escape to Jackson’s Island. Sadly, this attempt at self-pity backfired as several things went haywire on their escapade. Firstly, the raft that took them there went adrift and the boys had lost their chance of returning to St. Petersburg. Secondly Joe, one of Tom’s other friends, and Huck began to grow weary of the “pirate life” and wished earnestly to find a way back to their homes. They made miserable companions as the lengthy weekend drew on. After being missing long enough, the boys returned to a hero’s welcome at their own funerals. This was well orchestrated by Tom, just so he could witness what it would be like to attend his own funeral. With that, he played hero to his two friends, Joe and Huck; Becky, his beloved; and the townspeople who were indeed very happy to...
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