Tom Robinson and Atticus in the Court Room

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Many people in Maycomb County , Alabama gathered to watch Atticus Finch defend Tom Robinson , a black man. The odds were already against Tom Robinson and Atticus because Tom Robinson was black and Mayella Ewell was white. Tom Robinson is being accused raping Mayella Ewell in her own home when he was suppose to be helping her with some work. Mayella told Tom Robinson to “ … come here, nigger, and bust up this chifferobe for me, I gotta nickel you.” According to her after she asked him to bust up the chifferobe tree he attempted to rape her. Before Atticus Finch even had a chance to question Mayella , she burst out in tears. She burst into tear when the judge simply said “Just tell us what happened”. At the stand Mayella was a nervous break down. Within the first few questions that Atticus asked her she freaked out because she thought that Atticus was “mockin” her. Atticus was only being polite by calling her ma'am and Ms. Mayella , and Mayella seemed to just take in offense. During the questioning by Atticus , Mayella kept her same story, that Tom Robinson raped her. She seemed to be unsure about that story mid-way through the questioning. Actually some of her responses to Atticus's questions didn't make sense or she wouldn't respond at all. She told the court room that Tom Robinson hit her with his left hand on the right side of her face, even though his left Crises in Maycomb By: Kevon McClary

hand is paralyzed from an accident that accord while he was a child. The odd thing is that Mayella father, Bob Ewell , is left handed and was allegedly at the crime after the “rape” occurred. Throughout most of her questioning Mayella seemed as if she was confused. Mayella once stated “ No, I don't recollect if he hit me. I mean yes I do, he hit me”. Mayella not speaking clearly during the questioning may lead the jury to think that she is lying about her story.

[ In the picture above you will see Atticus Finch questioning Mayella Ewell.]

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