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Runnin’ down a dream by Tom Petty is a song to get you fired up to achieve success, if you enjoy his work. It is the story of any ambitious person that makes their dreams reality. It is a song that has withstood the test of time and is still a hit today. Petty’s Super Bowl appearance and tour’s the last two years have probably helped out, but nevertheless he is still a superstar.

He wrote this song from his real life experiences or his close friends as he does all of his songs it seems. I believe that makes him unique from many artists that just sing lyrics someone else wrote. Runnin’ Down a Dream provides a very up tempo beat that can lift crowds out of their seats. When you listen to this song you can’t help but to dream of success, and also realize the pathway to success can be bumpy, if you will. The song also tells you that in order to make his dreams come true he had to run them down. Dreams don’t just come to you have to go get them, which I believe is an excellent message.

Petty has been honored with 19 Grammy nominations. His most recent win was for the Pete Bogdanovitch documentary, Runnin’ Down a Dream at the 2009 Grammy Awards for "Best Long Form Music Video." Petty is known as a staunch guardian of his creative control and artistic freedom. He has had several differences with his labels etc. and has been through a lot over the years including divorce, but he just keeps on rocking.

There is also a film that premiered to unanimous praise at the 2007 New York Film Festival. Runnin Down a dream the movie brings Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers full circle, from their humble Gainesville Florida beginnings to their emotional hometown 30th Anniversary Concert. The film is a vivid portrait of a band that has created a body of work considered one of the richest catalogs in American musical history. I have had many inspirations in my life, but with a song like this I can pop in the CD and be inspired anytime of the day. It is truly...
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