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Religion has always been important to me. It is something that is a part of me and being confirmed in my Christian faith is definitely something I would like to do. There are several things that make me want to be confirmed in Christian faith. The first is that it is what I truly believe in. For me it is what explains many things. I also know that God will always be there for me in Christian faith. My studies in the past six months to complete the confirmation class has verified all of my feelings I had going into the class. I have been going to Pilgrim Congregational since my mom first took me and then I couldn’t decide what I believed in, but now with the experience of many years of coming to church I know that this is the faith that I want to be confirmed in. I have learned a lot throughout the class about the church and how it works, the United Church of Christ, the bible, Jesus Christ and God, and what it means to help others.

Over the six months I developed many beliefs within the Christian faith. It is important that I have developed beliefs, not learned beliefs because you cannot truly believe in things that you merely learn. Some of these beliefs are that God is the ultimate creator, and that everything he creates is good for humanity. God also gives us all the opportunity to change lives; and that is what he wants of us. God’s son Jesus Christ was sent to save our sins. He represents God’s human form. Jesus Christ is our savior. Jesus gives us a connection to god as we are human, and Jesus can give us guidance as to how God wants us to live. He should be a model for everyone. The third form of God is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is everywhere, always; it lives within all of God’s beautiful constructions. The Holy Spirit works in everything, and it makes everything work the way Christ wants. I believe it is there when people need it in order for them to do the right thing. The two sacraments in the United Church of Christ are baptism and Holy Communion. The baptism is the celebration of new life. It celebrates the meeting of a being to the church of Christ. It represents the beginning of a life under god that receives the Holy Spirit. Infants who are too young to choose to be baptized are usually brought to baptism by their parents. Ones who are able make the decision of baptism with their family and the rest of the church to devote their life to Christ. Holy Communion is the reenactment of Christ’s final supper. We partake in remembrances of him. The cup represents the blood of his veins poured out for us and the break represents his body broken for us. We do this because he asked and so that we can witness his final acceptance of death to forgive our sins. Grace means many things. Most importantly unconditional love, which God has for everyone. To follow in the footsteps of Jesus everyone has to work for justice and peace. This for me, is one of the most important things about United Church of Christ. Our church and the UCC work diligently for peace and justice.

The United Church of Christ has a motto that lies out our beliefs in a mere sentence: That they may all be one (John 17:21). This motto is important for our congregation as we do strive for equality and acceptance. The UCC is a denomination that links the Evangelical and Reformed churches with Congregational churches. The United Church of Christ has a long history stemming back all the way to Martin Luther’s Ninety Five Theses. From there were different denominations that broke off from the reformations in England. The separatists left England to Holland in search of freedom. The separatists then were forced out of Holland and fled to Massachusetts. The congregational church then formed out of the separatist groups as we experienced at Plymouth plantation. It wasn’t until 1957, however, that the Evangelical and Reformed Churches and Congregational churches united to form the UCC.

The church itself performs amazing tasks towards this goal...
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