Tom Brennen

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Into the world
Topic sentences:
* Different pathways influence the transition into new phases of life for individuals. * Often it is unexpected and unplanned phases of an individual’s life that provide the most opportunities and challenges. * For an individual to complete the transformation into new places and a broader world they must ensure they have an unyielding belief in one’s self. * Into the world is when an individual faces new challenges while making a transition mentally and/or physically in their journey. Moving into the world has its consequences, either positive or negative. The consequences of moving into the world are portrayed in the texts THE STORY OF TOM BRENNAN and Machine GUN PREACHER

* New phases or experiences in life are inevitable for all individuals in the story of Tom Brennan. This idea of new phases is common throughout the book. Tom’s adolescence is a time of great anguish and pain as he is traumatized by the accident that Daniel was involved with and the impact that it had on his family. Throughout this time he is also trying to find himself after the event that changed his life. In this time he comes to question what is important. His relationship with his new team in Coghill is highly significant. In his role as halfback for his football team, he takes on the responsibility of training and guiding the team. This involvement with football becomes an important symbol of his growing up. Through this experience he starts to appreciate that competition and winning are not the only important goals in life. Being part of a team and supporting your friends is a much greater significance. The team also helps tom to bring out the person who he is and who he used to be. The team provides tom with a solid ground to stand on and his teammates give him the new relationships and friendships for him in Coghill.

* J.C. Burke's use of flashbacks is an excellent technique. Flashbacks stimulate reader curiosity. It...
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