Tom Brennan Speech. Into the World.

Topics: Great Depression, Change, Experience Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Have you ever been challenged by an experience? Have you ever changed because of this experience? Good morning to the representives of the Board of studies,.... and I wish to justify why the texts I have studied should be kept on the reading list of this module “Into the World”. “The Story of Tom Brennan” by J.C Burke and the feature article of “Sliver Linings” found in the of Sydney Morning Herald’s “The Good Weekend” both emphasise the idea that people are able to come out of difficult situations and see the world from a new perspective. Firstly, I would like to discuss the relevance of “The Story of Tom Brennan” through the character of Tom and Daniel. Tom experiences a massive change in his life, due to Daniel, his brother causing an accident that killed 2 people and paralysed his cousin fin. He undergoes depression but later learns that with the help of his family and newly found friends, he is able to overcome the grief and discover his new identity. After the accident Tom feels empty and alone. He wants his old life back prior to the accident and he sees the accident as the end of his like as he knew it. He loses his sense of identity and sense of family in particular; " I wanted to be back home having barbie, having our normal Australian Day, Our Brennan Australia day, the way we always did" The use of the words 'Home', 'Normal' 'Brennan' and 'always' together emphasise Tom's longing for the positive family experience s and traditions of the past that he believes are gone forever. In Contrast, when Tom starts to play Football again for St Bennies at Coghill, he learns that you can begin again and that a team is important. His priorities before the accident were being number One and winning. Tom changed his perspective after joining his new football team; 'Bennie's first fifteen had taught me plenty, when I had needed it most, Bennies reminded me that the game was better when a team was united and loving it. I thought of dad's words at camp; ‘Bennie’s...
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