Tom Brennan

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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English Essay!
English Essay!

In the book, ‘The story of Tom Brennan’, the author J.C.Burke, creates a successful novel portraying the life of a teenager and the daily routines that they are faced with throughout their world. In this book the teenager, Tom Brennan, is faced with many obstacles including the party and playing football. While there are many negative incidents that Tom faces, he is not alone. Some positive ideas include support and help of family, always being behind his back, a renewed sense of self and creating new relationships, especially a girlfriend. Techniques used to express these ideas are mostly dialogue, imagery, and flashbacks. Through these ideas, the readers experience the successfulness that J.C.Burke has written. The use of flashbacks within this novel are important as it creates a sense of importance and curiosity towards the reader and not only does it make a connection to what is being said in the book, it only lasts about half way into the book, showing that through the action of a renewed sense of self, Tom is beginning his journey of ‘into the world’. Tom is growing up, maturing, and forgetting his past in order to focus on his current and future life. Many of the flashbacks are about negative situations or moments, an example is showing the reader how it came to happen that Fin is in a wheelchair and that Daniel is in gaol. As the readers progress into the book, flashbacks give them information of how it was like before the incident, quoting, ‘I wanted to be back home having a barbie. Having our normal Australia day.’(pg 5) Flashbacks is a useful technique used as it mixes the past with the present and gives the extra information that is needed in order to understand the book. This technique is one of the ways that had made J.C.Burke’s book, ‘The story of Tom Brennan’ so successful. Dialogue in this novel creates a discussion but also creates a sense of thought. This technique is used a lot throughout the whole novel as it...