Tom's Shoes

Topics: Generation Y, Baby boomer, Advertising Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Tom’s Shoes
Richard Morrow
EMK 3601 Principles of Marketing
October 28, 2012

The baby boomer generation may be a difficult group to reach for this company. First I don’t think canvas shoes are primary footwear for this group. The advertising campaign they have possibly will not reach them also as most of it is done thru the internet and unconventional media outlets. I also don’t think they will react well to the buy one set of shoes and they will donate a pair on your behalf. I believe they will be skeptical about who the shoes will be donated to. They are a bit more financially conservative when it comes to buying things that are not essential.

The generation X group would be a better target for Tom’s Shoes than the baby boomer generation. They are a group that in general engages in outside activities than previous generations. These shoes are good for outside activities. This group grew up wearing vans and airwalks so they may like the nostalgia of their youth with these shoes. They may be receptive to the buy a pair of shoes if another pair gets donated to people in the third world countries. They will respond to the advertisements better than the baby boomer generation as they have in general more experience with internet advertising avenues. They also in general like to be a part of helping out people which are not that well off.

The millennials generation would be the best generation to target for Tom’s shoes. They are a generation that has worn canvas shoes most of their lives. This generation is the first to have digital technology all of their life. This will make them very comfortable looking at the advertisements sent thru social media, the website, and other electronic means. The group also is likely to post it online without any request from Tom’s shoes. They also are likely to spread the information that is posted online hoping to get more people participating in the cause. They will also be responsive to donating as they...
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