Tolerance and World Peace

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Tolerance and World Peace

What is the meaning of tolerance or world peace? Tolerance is the ability to the fundamental of other cultures without using individuals or own culture to compare others. World peace is the freedom, peace, and happiness between all nations and people. The two articles, “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism” by Martha Nussbaum and “Don’t Forget the Little Plattons” by Michael McConnel, explains the tolerance and cultures. In my own understanding from the 2 articles, I think patriotism is opposite from the tolerance. However, the more patriotic the citizen is towards their own country, they will become less tolerant of other cultures. Nussbaum argues that all citizens should act cosmopolitanism to be sure there are truth, peace and justice in the world. Everyone should be able to “come together as a single body”1 (Nussbaum 1996, 10) to unite with other fellow human beings and not categorize each other into groups. This will lead to an increase of world peace. There is a quote when Nussbaum agree with this,

“It is this community that is, fundamentally, the source of our moral obligations. With respect to the most basic moral values, such as justice, ‘We should regard all human beings as our fellow citizens and neighbors’. We should regard our deliberations as, first and foremost, deliberations about human problems of people in particular concrete situations, not problems growing out of a national identity that is altogether unlike that of others. “ 2 (Nussbaum 1996, 7) This quote is referring to when the human that are living in the world today should observe being as a citizen for their country and neighbours within their community. When the citizen is devoting himself to the nation, it is most likely for the person to be more ignorant of the values and rights to be followed around the world. This is why there is no world peace because citizen would rather to focus on his or her own values and rights. There are other options for students as an advantage to be learning about other cultures and beliefs. “As students here grow up, is it sufficient for them to learn that they are above all citizens of the United States but that they ought to respect the basic human rights of citizens of India, Bolivia, Nigeria and Norway…” 3 (Nussbaum 1996, 6)

To bring changes to the tolerance level of nationalities is the students to be taught that they are the citizens of the world, not the citizen of their country. If the teachers in school taught the students more about other cultures from different countries this will build more tolerance education in the students. They would have better understanding of their beliefs and cultures and also others too. This will benefit a difference within the nationalities about tolerance.

There are three arguments for the second concept of education from the Stoics that Nussbaum explain about tolerance and a bit of world peace. Firstly, “they hold that they study of humanity as it is realized in the whole world is valuable for self-knowledge: we see ourselves more clearly when we see our ways in relation to those of other reasonable people.”4 (Nussbaum 1996, 8) I agree with him because we are here in this world for a reason, we are here to learn about the world as one society, world peace. World peace will make it easier for people to relate to others to expand more self-knowledge like self-actualization. Secondly, “…that we will be better table to solve our problems if we face them in this way.”5 (Nussbaum 1996, 8) This is true because looking in the past of the history from different politics has been cause from assassinations and wars. The best example is Hilter and his Nazi army when they try to take over Europe by killing people that are different such as being black, disable, Jews and more. We try to avoid these dangers by decreasing large groups in the world community. Finally, they talk about that “…stance of the kosmou polites is intrinsically valuable, for...
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