Tokyo Sonata

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Critically discuss the changing family values in contemporary Japan as represented in Tokyo Sonata (2009).

<<Tokyo Sonata>> is a realist film about a Middle Class Family of Japan. This film have not mention about the warmth of a family, unlike other Japanese Drama ,they prefer another way to present the most common situation of Japanese family – dull diary life.

Inside of Sasaki’s family, they have perform a typical personality of normal Japanese family: a father being concerned about face-saving, a mother who have a lot of pressure and desire to suppress, a eldest son (18-22 years old teenager) who rarely go home and a younger son(11-13 years old) who have a unpleasant primary school life. We can find the different type of Japan’s ‘Traditional Family Value’ by their consisting of Family.

(1) Led to father as the core of family structure
In Japanese culture, and even look to the Southeast Asian countries (China, South Korea), people are generally adopted "men are breadwinners; women are homemakers", that mean the whole family financial income are rely on father, that make a lot of problem and unusual phenomenon become normal in Japan, for instance, ‘Fatherless Society’[1].

‘Fatherless Society’ that mean the majority of children are more intimate with his/her mother, because of their father need to work outside the home with longer time, and the responsibility of educating their children falls on the mother.

At the movie, Sasaki’s family seem like that, we can see the two sons are more willing to share their own thing with his mother, a eldest son, Takashi, he always avoid to face his father, and when he need the parents to sign a agreement of apply for an American army, he also first to find his mother, Megumi, to sign it. Moreover, the younger son, Kenji, when the mother knows his secret, his just told Megumi does not let his father know.

Now we know the father of Japan as a middle-class family, the communication and...
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