Tokyo Moulding Company in Malaysia

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1.0 Introduction
This is a study about the worldwide expansion activity of a firm in Asian region. The basic motive or aim of this study is to gain extra knowledge on international business management throughout the interview with the decision maker of that particular internationalized firm. Basically, all basic information obtained is generally come from the interviewee. Nevertheless, we had some help from the internet as well in conducting this study to enhance all the missing point that we might not consider during the interview. Next, from all information we obtain from any resources, we had done an analysis on this internationalized firm, Tokyo Mould Shd.Bhd. The tools used in the analysis include SWOT analysis, CAGE framework and market entry strategy to conduct a full analysis on all aspect regarding the strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, cultural influences, political issue, geographical issue, economical issue, and entry mode or strategy imply. During analysis by using the tools that mentioned earlier, each tools will explain the issue in detail including the advantages or disadvantages, reason and etc, to ensure reader to have a perfect understanding from all aspect such as strength of company, weakness and etc. All explanation is based on facts and data obtained. Extract from analysis tools, we are able to categorized the priority of this firm in this market or industry, able to identify the problem faced by this firm as well and determine the strategy to overcome the problems or obstacles along the path in international business. Next, we will conduct some recommendation for this particular company by suggesting some ideas which are able to improve company operations and some idea to fix some of the problems that occur to this company. Also, some personal opinion such as agree in some business strategy done by Tokyo Mould is listed in the recommendation part. Finally, we conduct a conclusion from overall data obtain by inserting brief justification base on analysis, suggestion and recommendation to finalize our case study.

2.0 Company Background
Tokyo Mould Shd. Bhd is small and medium enterprise which mainly focus on Moulding business. It is currently located at Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. It is establish since the year 1985 according to our interviewee, Mrs. Lim Siew Lee. Mrs. Lim Siew Lee is one of the present owner of this company. She is the wife of the owner of this company and she had worked in this company for 20 over years with her husband. Her main duty in this company are accounting, managing staff, financing and others documentations work task. Basically, Tokyo Mould Shd. Bhd have clients from oversea including Thailand, Japan and U.K which Japan is the main customer. Japan is the first country Tokyo Mould approach due to the introduction from others business partner. The first deal was made with Japan after the inspection of Tokyo Mould’s product quality by a Japan representative which came to Malaysia to examine not only the product quality but as well as the whole operation environment indeed. Fitting all the requirement of Japan is the main reason of the success of Tokyo Mould to enter the Japan Market. Exporting is the entry mode for Tokyo Mould to internalized the business. The reason for using such entry mode is because this company had experienced failure by forming joint venture with others before. It was 10 years ago from present that this company is actually form a joint venture with LEE HENG Mould Sdn. Bhd. Back then, business was corrupted due to economic crisis and forming joint venture doesn't seems to have any help in overcome the problems. Instead, it is a burden when problems occur to the joint venture partner according to Mrs. Lim. Also, Tokyo Plastic Mould Shd. Bhd is the previous company name before the business corrupt due to economic crisis. In present, Tokyo Mould is now strive to achieve the best services and create the best product quality and aim to...
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