Token Economy

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Leadership Model
Jim Forrest was a skilled professional in related issues managing in substance abuse. Forrest had the opportunity to utilize his abilities as a lead in a mental health center. Forrest began his search for new employees by interviewing each person the same. Forrest talked to each candidate in the same style rather than finding out their strengths and weaknesses so he would have a better idea of where to place them to assist with client care. Although Forrest noticed positive change in client care, he also noticed concerns with his employees slowly surfacing. Forrest began to question his professional relationship with each member of his staff. It is important to recognize leadership comes in various styles to provide applicable direction to accomplish specific objectives in the workplace. Supervisory leadership must discuss the task and goals set for the organization clearly to its employees. Contingency Theory believes individuals are different; therefore there is not one way that is the best way of leading a team. Contingency Theory takes a look at the bigger picture that contains dynamics about supervisory leadership skill and other variables within the circumstances. Success of any organization is influenced by a variety of reasons, one of which is leadership style. One style of leadership may not be appropriate in some cases, however may be best in others. Supervisory Process

There are 4 main steps in the supervisory process. The first is the beginning phase of the purpose of the supervisor. One of the elements of this process is obtaining reviews from staff and discussing concerns and ideas to make working together more productive (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, Chapter 7, 2007). In case 7, Jim did not get feedback from his new staff about the implementation of the token economy. The middle phase of the process is the stage where Jim should have realized that his way was not working for everyone; he should have been...
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