Tok - What Is Art?

Topics: Aesthetics, Art, Happy Birthday to You Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: March 13, 2013
What is ART?
1. Sunflowers – This piece of art is a masterpiece because of its realistic features that expresses its beauty. Also comparing to the natural sciences its realistic features makes it a source of truth but is it really the most real painting? Also this could be a painting depicting empathy for the flowers in our life that we do not water… 2. Fountain – Art has to be something unusual to stand out, a different interpretation or a different intent by the artist himself. A good art in my perspective is something that is more than normal, more than the daily life or even something that changes my perspective looking at the world and this surely is creativity. And if anyone could take a urinal and make it a fountain why didn’t they, why only Duchamp? 3. Untitled – A blank piece of canvas may be able to depict enlightenment in us. A Blank piece of canvas, that’s what our mind should be not painted blank in everything new we learn in our life; no prejudice, no ideas at all. 4. Rock Concert – Music personally is a very valued form of art for me and is in a higher place than the other forms for me. Words in this can be used for education, enlightenment, wisdom, truth and even a change in perspective. Also the guitars, the drums and the synths when combined together are a very high level of creativity and not everyone can connect all of them into one ongoing song. 5. Happy Birthday song – A great source to release the happiness in one’s day, for example if anyone would sing this to you on your birthday you would really feel involved and joyful. It has a beauty of its own, nothing like this can be replace this evergreen song. 6. Sportsman 100m run – The elegance in the long steps of this runner just a perfect movement of body to beat most of the resultant forces such as air resistance, in addition the perfect power in every step to maintain the same top speed and pace. An art for sure. 7. Copy of Sunflowers – This lacks a lot of...
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