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Topics: Perception, Sense, Electromagnetic radiation Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: April 6, 2011
“Were the eye not attuned to the Sun, the Sun could never be seen by it.” – Goethe (If the eye wasn’t aware of the sun, the sun would have never been seen by the eye)

“I see the sun”, everyone means something different by the “sun”. If what they meant by the word “sun” were the only clue to what they were seeing, two people would not be seeing the same thing, even though they were gazing at the same object. If we ask, “What is it that they see?” instead of “Do they see the same thing?” then an unambiguous (no more than one interpretation) answer would come forth. Such as: a yellow-white disc in a blue expanse over a green one. Such as ‘sense-datum’ picture is single and uninverted. To be aware of it is not to have it. Either it dominates one’s visual attention completely or it does not exist.

Seeing is an experience. A retinal reaction is only a physical state. If you wouldn’t have sight (people who are blind) you wouldn’t know what the sun looked like. Out of experience and primarily knowledge we know what the Sun looks like, and what it is. We see the sun, as a big yellow circle that is too bright to look in with the naked eye. Seeing is one of the 5 senses. Our sense perception enables us to appreciate the world. People see, not the eyes. The eyes are just the objects through what we can see. For example: a baby. A baby sees new things every day, and first doesn’t know where to relate it too. To relate it to things he needs language and visual experience. Our eyes, which respond to wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation or ‘light’, help us to experience things, through seeing. Our visual experience can be influenced by who we are, how we were brought up, our daily experience through life, Conclusion: there is a sense in which two observers do not see the same thing. Do not begin from the same data, through their eye site is normal and they are visually aware of the same object. (A perceptual complication for this statement is that we have...
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