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I believe that everybody is born with a purpose, whether it be good or bad. According to the Indian mythology one has to do what they do and shouldn’t care about the result whether it be good or bad because that’s what they were suppose to do; that’s their destination. A lot of us waste a lot of our time in looking for what we are good at or what we want to do in life. Even though we tend to target our goals in life from before, some succeed while others fail; one shouldn’t waste time in looking for what they want to do in life because their destiny will eventually find them. I realized this a few days back when I watched a movie called “Ashoka The Great” which had mass killing and atrocity in it. I was disturbed but I didn’t really care about it, however, while I was asleep I had depressing dreams and disturbing thoughts. Thus, I woke up all wet with sweat. I asked myself “ What does life mean to me?”, and I kept thinking. I realized that the life I was living before had no aim and meant nothing. However, after a long thoughtful night I realized that to me life meant to live and let others live, care for people who care for me and strive to learn till the end.

I remember when I was back in India, I used to interfere in everybody’s business trying to make things the way turn my way. India is a multi-linguistic and multi-caste society where castes are divided into lower and upper strata. Thus, upper caste people, like me, treated the lower caste people like slaves. I used to lock them in the lockers and bathrooms, bully them, make them do my homework and many other stupid things that now I regret. But its not just me, today when I look at the news, there is killing all over the world. People are killing each other for the sake of religion, money, physical attraction and many other reasons that doesn’t have anything to do with an individual; its not their fault. Its not only human beings that are suffering this madness but also the animals that can’t speak...
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