Tok - How Does Technology Affect Our Senses?

Topics: Sense, Perception, Eye Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 14, 2012
How does technology extend and modify the capabilities of the senses? The technology in present day has an enormous impact on human life. One of human’s most important senses is arguably sight, which technology has a large effect on. It is interesting looking into in what way todays technology modify this sense and if technology can extend it.

We have many tools that can extend our sight in both ways, seeing very small particles and seeing things extremely far away. The tools in mind are the microscope and telescope. These two tools have the ability to enhance our sight to an extent that would be impossible with our unmodified senses. An additional device that is a very common item in the western world is the television. This incredible invention gives us the chance to see moving images from all over the world from the comfort of your own sofa. Even though there are some unbelievable opportunities, the television has major restrictions. First of all, things being viewed on the television could be defined as secondary perception, where the information being fed to the eyes has been modified or censored by a third party. Therefore what is being viewed on the television can be manipulated in a way primary perception never can be.

We also have tools that could be considered an extension and/or modification to our sight. For example optical glasses which are used to restore perfect or normal sight. In one way optical glasses extend some peoples sight to perfect sight while the same pair of optical glasses can worsen the sight for another individual. This would mean that the optical glasses modify the sight, but only extend sight for some individuals.

Technology does temporarily increase our senses but I believe that is dulls our natural senses in the long term because of the lack of training for our senses. The ciliary muscle in the eye, which controls the focus, can relax while wearing optical glasses. In the long run I believe that this will make the...
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