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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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“We accept the truth of the reality with which we are presented.” –Christof

Christof’s statement in the film The Truman Show represents how every person views their world. Every person accepts reality as it is, but only before they start questioning their own reality. In the film Truman himself accepts reality as it is presented, he doesn’t question the fact that the same events happen every single day of his life; waking up, going to work, being attacked by the neighbourhood dog and greeting his neighbours with a cheery “Good morning. Oh, in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night.” This is what Truman knew, and to him it was normal for his wife to look like she was trying to sell a product while conversing with him. Plato’s allegory of the cave is a great explanation for Truman’s world. He accepted everything that happened with no question while Christof was the puppeteer controlling his every move.

Truman goes on with his life, living by rules and scripts he doesn’t even realize he’s following. For Truman the chains from The Allegory of the Cave are put on him since birth by Christof and the others. It isn’t until he begins to see and look for things he never noticed before that he realizes his whole life has been mostly fiction. He didn’t pay much attention to things such as product placement, or coincidences such as cars and explosions just as he was leaving town, and it wasn’t until some light was shed that he truly realized it and decided to make that journey out of the cave and into a world that was true for what it’s worth. Truman is almost like a representation of a child, one who goes by everything that’s been mapped out for him rather than experiencing his own life because he was too young. A child who’d never seen a kite might have the same fascination with it as he might with his father floating against the kitchen ceiling. He’s never seen either of them. However as we grow older and go out into the light we realize...
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