Tok Essay Prescribed Title 2

Topics: Problem solving, International Baccalaureate, Knowledge Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Tok Essay Prescribed title 2

“Compare and contrast knowledge which can be expressed in words/symbols with knowledge that cannot be expressed in this way. Consider CAS and one or more areas of knowledge.”

It is funny how the universal signs of intelligence are words and symbols or things that contain them. When someone walks past me with a load of books in their hand I immediately think “oh what a smart and knowledgeable person,” and I’m sure I’m not the only one that makes these snap judgments. But from my point of view it’s understandable that words and symbols are the universal sign of knowledge since we are taught from books and blackboards since our toddler years. Now what I consider knowledge is things that we hold to be true and are able to identify in real life. Teachers have been molding our brains to be able to communicate our knowledge using words since we were little, but as we grow older and we get into secondary school we come to realize that there is knowledge that cannot be expressed through words and symbols. The goal of the International Baccalaureate program is to make students well rounded and knowledgeable in many fields and along with that comes many requirements that other programs do not ask of their students. From my perspective knowledge that cannot be expressed in words and symbols is as important to have as knowledge that can, justifying the CAS requirements. CAS is the International Baccalaureate program’s way of teaching us what cannot be covered in books or lectures. This knowledge can be described in words but only to a certain extent.

I think that CAS is a very large contributing factor to why the IB program nurtures well rounded students. CAS pushes students to seek out new activities for the purposes of gaining experiences that would have been otherwise undiscovered. I believe that the key ingredient to knowledge which cannot be expressed in words and symbols is experience. For one of my CAS creative activities I knit...
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