Tok Essay - Examine the Role of Language in Facilitating or Hindrancing Communication.

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  • Published : February 28, 2012
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Examine the role of language in facilitating or hindrancing communication. Discuss with appropriate examples based on daily experience and areas of knowledge (natural and human science, visual arts, literature, maths, history etc.).

Communication is a vital tool for the survival of gregarious animal genres. Animals of the same race communicate with each other to transfer simple meanings to express danger, to inform about a source of food, to call a member of the pod, to attract sexually the female members et cetera. This was initially the reason why language was created by the aboriginals: for the accommodation of communication, which was vital tool for the survival of the genre. After chiliads of evolution, languages have been enriched with umpteen new words and give us the opportunity to express much more complicated and abstract concepts. However, although language helps us in many fields, there are some occasions in which language is not the appropriate solution. Cases from both sides are going to be examined trying to reach some conclusions about the language and how suitable it is in our communication. Let’s begin with some examples in which language facilitates communication. In our daily life we need a way to communicate with others for a hundred of reasons; to collaborate with our colleagues or classmates, to give and receive orders about tasks that have to be done, to express our feelings to a beloved person, … In these and many other cases language accommodates us passing the exact message that we want as well as saving time from explaining with other methods what we mean. However there are languages that are most convenient for quick everyday life communication such as English for its simple structure and mostly its small words. This is the reason why English words are being used all around the world. Literature is the strongest example of language accommodating communication. The fact that a whole branch of art is dedicated to the delicate use of...
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