Tok Essay 2012

Tags: Theory, Experiment, Scientific theory

Theory of Knowledge

Question number: 5
What is it about theories in the human sciences and natural sciences that makes them convincing?

Name: Sarang Sethi Candidate number: 003482-010
School: The Calorx School
Examination session: May, 2012
Word count: 1,538 Teacher Name: Mrs. Jaya Kad
The word convincing refers to ‘causing one to believe the truth of something’. This immediately brings us to the definition of knowledge. If Knowledge is ‘justified’ ‘true’ belief, then the aspects of something being ‘true’ and ‘justified’ pertain to making the said segment of knowledge ‘convincing’. From this point of view the need for an area or segment of knowledge to be ‘convincing’ becomes seminal to definition of knowledge. In the context of the question one might want to assess the factors that validate a theory or theoretical concepts? And also answer the question: What are the ways through which one can justify the theories in both human sciences and natural sciences to be convincing? A theory cannot simply be a speculation or an idea. The world in which we live in is full of theories. These theories can also be known as a set of rules, laws, hypothesis or a phrase which is some where applicable in the real world. It is something which needs rigorous reasoning, prior knowledge and strong assumptions. It needs evidence through interpretations and explanations for them to make sense to the human. I think humans usually get convinced on the basis of their interests and they play an important role in making theories convincing. Many scientists who have accepted some of the theories have tested them and have produced a result for humans to believe in them. Famous theories usually provide wide...
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