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Topics: Recycling, Bag-In-Box, Landfill Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: May 18, 2013
When I go shopping in Sydney, after I bought clothes and foods, they will give me plastic bags. Should plastic bags for shopping be banned by the Australian government?

Claim: Plastic bags should be banned.
Point 1: ‘“These bags are junk, whether you want to call them biodegradable or not. They end up in the same place: blowing around the streets or in landfill,” said Councillor David Shiner, a member of Mr. Ford’s executive who surprised many by introducing the ban.’ When people buy something they can get some plastic bags. These plastic bags will be put into the bin, and it will cause white pollution and air pollution. Way of Knowing: Language

Point 2: “They kill everything human and fish alike. They take a long time to biodegrade-Most plastic bags used either end up as litter or in landfills (less than 1 percent is recycled). In a landfill, it's estimated that one plastic bag takes about 1,000 years to biodegrade. A plastic bag floating around as litter takes about 20 years.” Way of knowing: Reason

Counter Claim: Plastic bags should not be banned.
Point1: Sometimes, people go shopping. But they don’t have a recycle bag, so they have to use plastic bag. It’s very easy. Way of Knowing: Language

Potint2: “Plastic bags should not be banned because people use them in everyday life. They are very cheap and they contribute so many things such as school projects, eating, organizing, and storing.” Way of knowing: Reason

Point3: “A WORCESTER businessman who sells plastic bags has hit out at critics saying the items should be banned. Andrew Smith, Managing Director of B Smith Packaging, on the Shire Business Park in Warndon believes it is consumers and retailers whose attitudes to the humble plastic bag should change. Mr Smith, whose company sells polythene, paper and cotton bags throughout the country said he believed people should re-use their bags rather than get new ones.” Way of knowing: Reason...
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