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Topics: Sense, Perception, Emotion Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Elizabeth Price TOK Delta D Block Mr. Friendly November 16, 2012 Perception Perception is defined as the understanding of things through our five senses-sight, touch, taste, smell and sound (Lagemaat, 85). These give us the “gates and windows” of the mind, ways to communicate between ourselves and the world, and a presentation of what the outside world really is (Lagemaat, 85). However with this information, questions are risen such as: How many senses are there really? Who decides when there's a new sense? How do we know our senses are valid if we have illusions/mirages? This delves into a larger knowledge issue which is how can reason and emotion help justify the knowledge we gain from perception? In what we perceive, reason helps shape it. If we see a penguin standing outside the school staring at us, with reason one will think to them selves and ask: Does this fit with reality? Do others agree that a penguin is, in fact, right outside the school? It could be that tiredness is overpowering and we are imaging things to be real but it could be true that there is a penguin outside the school. Our senses are interpreted by the individual with the use of reason and logic applied to them. The argument is made that our senses can be “faulty” because we perceive things that are not really there such as illusions and mirages. However to know that something is an illusions or mirage assumes that we know what it really is and that it's different from what we are really seeing. So for example-the mirage of water in the middle of the desert. We have two individuals who are observing it. One is aware of what mirages are and one who is not. The one who knows that mirages exist will understand that he is looking at a mirage when he sees water in the middle of the desert. However, the one who does not know mirages exist will believe he is truly looking at water. A mirage is actually seen because some light rays which come from the sky are refracted due to the contrasting...
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