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  • Published: February 7, 2013
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What are the Differences Between Theories and Myths as Forms of Explanation?

By: Christian Hellerup

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Which one do you think is most believable? The myth that our presents are delivered by Santa Claus, or the theory of evolution? You would probably think that the theory of evolution is the most believable because there is evidence to back it up and it sounds more realistic, while there is no evidence which tells us that Santa Claus delivers our presents and we know that we buy the presents. But how different and how similar are theories and myths as forms of explanation? Both of them are used to explain something, but they do it in each their own way. One is more entertaining and is like a story, while the other one is more factual and is like a report. A myth is more fiction while a theory is more non-fiction. First of all, what is a myth and what is a Theory? A myth is normally a story with a purpose which tries to explain why certain things exist. They are normally based on a tradition or legend and convey a truth to the people who read it and tell it, rather than actually recording a true event. A myth normally also expresses the ideology of a culture. An example of a myth is the loch ness monster. This is a myth because there is no evidence that it actually exists. A myth can also be created if someone wants attention. For example, the myth that Hitler’s Grandma was Jewish, was most likely created because someone wanted fame and attention. A theory is based on a hypothesis and is backed up by evidence. However, just because a theory is backed up by evidence, it doesn’t mean that it is true. It can still be wrong and it can have flaws in it too. An example of a theory, is the big bang theory. It explains how the universe arrived at its present state. This is a theory because it is based on a hypothesis that the universe must have been created by something, and it is backed up by evidence. The main difference between a myth and a theory is that a myth is fiction while a theory is non-fiction. A myth is fiction because it is made to explain why a certain thing exists without having any evidence about it, while a theory is non-fiction because it is a hypothesis which is backed up by evidence. A myth which we all know is that God created the human race and the earth as how we know it today. This is a myth because no evidence has been found that God actually exists, even after many years of investigation. This myth was created because the population of the world back in the day wanted to know why they were on earth and why earth looked the way it did. People believed that God created them and the earth because they thought it was the most logical explanation, and it might have been one of the only explanations at that time. The theory of why we exist and why the earth is like it is, is called the theory of evolution. This is a theory because it started with the hypothesis of why do we exist and why does the world exist as we know it, and evidence has been found to back up this claim. The theory of evolution is non-fiction because there is actually proof that it is true, while the myth that god existed is fiction because it has no proof, so it might as well be made up. Another difference is a myth is more of a story which has been created by someone, while a theory is more like a report. A myth is like a story because the people who have made it can explain it as they want since they are not limited by evidence. This is also why myths are more creative than theories. A theory is like a report because it cannot be creative, as it is only made up of evidence and facts. Also, the people behind the theory can’t come up with their own ideas because they aren’t proven correct. Another difference between myths and theories is the way people perceive them. Myths are more seen as something which should be taken lightly, and is entertaining, since many myths are like stories. They are also entertaining because...
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