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Topics: Perception, Empiricism, Somatosensory system Pages: 5 (1291 words) Published: December 28, 2012
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Hun Whoangbo Mr. Seath IB Tok November 11, 2012

! “Only seeing general patterns can give us knowledge. Only seeing particular examples can give us understanding.” To what extend do you agree with theses assertions? ! What are the difference between knowledge and understanding in terms of the

finding general patterns? People,told me, that knowledge and understanding can help each other however, they show two different meaning and values. In other word, they have different ways of forming the information and restoring them, but same general patterns. In this case General patterns can be defined as objects. Knowledge is some information you know or had from the experience. For example, we know that ice is cold object. But why? In knowledge, it can reply to this question has logically. We can know that the ice is cold because we saw the ice and felt the temperature of the ice. So as soon as we touch the ice, it forms of an memory and information model which connects to experience. However, understanding is a bit different. Understanding is when you have information that were already stored, and try to know why it is. For example, ice is cold. You try to understand and make a reason for ice is being cold. From these two different perspective, Knowledge is more likely Empiricism and Understanding is rationalism. So, to what extend can general pattern can give us knowledge and understanding?


Knowledge is major experience in our daily life. Empiricists say that all the

knowledge is from perception. In perception, there are 5 senses that play the major role. Those 5 senses are smell, touch, hear, sight, and taste. John Locke supports this idea saying that all the experience is from perception. He suggest that we have already have

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Hun Whoangbo Mr. Seath IB Tok November 11, 2012

experience from the senses. For example, people know that the general pattern that they see, they can store them. General Pattern (Object) can give them a information using the sight and touch them. Therefore, we know how the soccer ball or different object look alike. In addition, the knowledge plays a momentous role because, without those 5 senses, our brain or information storage is like blank of paper. It means that there is nothing that have been stored. So when babies born, they don’t know anything because they just came out. Also, as soon as they come out from mom, they see the new things at outside which it gives the experience to baby. As time passes, babies learns more and more things, therefore they can recognize parents. That is why they can trust to their parents more than any others. In addition, seeing parents continuously is similar to seeing general pattern because seeing parents and their behavior toward to baby, is just similar thing. For example, they feed baby, clean their cloth, etc. These are all patterned. Having blank paper in the brain is not just only for baby, but also it happens to adults too. For example, there was a man who was blind, and he is an adult. Suppose this man didn’t know anything thing except touching the objects (Touching object is the new ways of thinking except not known without anything). However in one day he woke up suddenly his sight was recovered. Do you think he will be able to know what the objects are without touching it? It is impossible. The reason is that the man never had an experience with his eyes. He can’t know what the shapes look like unless he touch them. If the man was imagining what shapes look like, that is a new ways of thinking. However, its unreliable. Even he imagines it, he won’t know it because the imagining doesn’t match with truth. Imagining is a false. It is same like we put just imagination in a blank paper, which it will never come truth. Therefore, even someone

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Hun Whoangbo Mr. Seath IB Tok November 11, 2012

discover the new ways of thinking but don’t have a experience, they will never understand and recognize the...
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