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Young: Instructor’s Resource Manual for Kinn’s The Administrative Medical Assistant, 6th Edition

Chapter 22: Banking Services and Procedures

Instructor’s Resource Manual

National Accreditation Competencies and Content
|CAAHEP COMPETENCIES |ABHES COMPETENCIES | |Administrative |Administrative Duties | |3.a.(2)(a). Prepare a bank deposit |3.i. Prepare a bank statement and deposit record | |General |3.j. Reconcile a bank statement | |3.c.(4)(c). Utilize computer software to maintain office |3.m. Prepare a check | |systems |Financial Management | | |8.e. Maintain records for accounting and banking purposes |

1. Define, spell, and pronounce the terms listed in the vocabulary. 2. Explain how the Internet has changed traditional banking practices. 3. State the four requirements of a negotiable instrument. 4. Discuss the advantages of using checks.

5. Identify the three most common types of bank accounts. 6. Explain how you would handle mistakes made in preparing a check. 7. List and discuss eight precautions to observe in accepting checks. 8. Name and compare the four kinds of endorsements.

9. Discuss the actions necessary when a deposited check is returned. 10. Correctly write checks for bill payment.
11. Prepare a bank deposit and appropriate office documents. 12. Accurately reconcile a bank statement with the office checking account.

Prepare to teach the material to the students by completing the following tasks. • Review the chapter.
• Review the lecture outline in the PowerPoint slides on the enclosed CD-ROM. Print a copy to use as lecture notes. Use the PowerPoint slides during your lecture. • Determine which activities will be assigned to students. • Compile the chapter test and key from the test bank.

Assign the following tasks to the students when beginning this chapter. • Read the material. Prepare three to five questions based on the reading material that should be brought to class for discussion. • Complete the Study Guide for this chapter.

• Find the vocabulary terms in the text, highlight them, and be able to define them. • Study the figures included in the text.
• Complete the corresponding chapter on the Evolve website.

Have a student read the scenario. Present the questions offered at the end of the scenario to the students for consideration as they progress through the chapter.

Summary of Scenario
Laura has gained considerable knowledge through her experiences and work with the various aspects of the banking world. The goals she set for completing the assignments and competencies were accomplished in the time frame allowed by the instructor. She is comfortable now that she can readily apply this knowledge to whatever medical facility she works in. Laura spent extra time outside of class exploring online banking and bill paying on the Internet and found a wealth of information available. Laura now plans to visit several banks in her area to see what kind of e-banking services they offer. The versatility of the medical assistant’s role and the variety of the opportunities available reinforce to Laura that she has made the right career choice.

• Banking has changed substantially since the advent of online banking. • Because banks...
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