Together We Stand Outline

Topics: Illness, Logical possibility, Family Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Together We Stand Outline
Team A:
Hum/114 Creative Thinking
Dr. Fontenot

oTalk about amenities and benefits of the community
Beautiful golf course
Manmade lakes
oDiscuss fact that there are extensive and similar illnesses in the community between both children and adults •Body
oDiscuss what illnesses are
Types of illnesses
How they are typically contracted
Contact an expert on the diseases and find out as much info as possible (Ruggiero, 2009) oWhat are the links between families
Do any of the families work in fields that would expose them to possibility of contracting these deceases? Any families related?
oResearch Development planning and execution of the community Who was the development company?
Have they ever had any unsafe practices before?
oInterview community politicians
oCall the Better Business Bureau
What were there practices while developing the community for cleaning up waste materials? oLook for eyewitness testimony (Ruggiero, 2009)
Interview other families in communities built by the development company Interview former employees
Use their personal experiences with the company (Ruggiero, 2009) oDiscuss ways that the community could arrive at a possible solution for the company to implement to settle the issue. Extensive testing (experimenting) of all water ways and possible contamination sites (Ruggiero, 2009) If contamination sites are found

Company to facilitate clean up of community
Company to pay reparations to ill families
oTo include setting up a substantial trust fund for families that may become ill within a certain amount of time from now out. •Company to pay for relocation if necessary of families affected with illnesses •Company to implement and execute some type of awareness campaign in the city •Conclusion

oState that the community has to band together and make sure all resources are exhausted to find out the root cause of...
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