Together We Stand Letter Outline

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  • Published : February 12, 2012
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Together We Stand Letter Outline HUM/114



Together We Stand Letter Outline

Together We Stand Letter Outline Suppose you live in a new suburban community. It offers all the amenities and benefits

of a tight-knit small community with the benefits of living close to the big city. Some years pass, and several children and adults in the community start developing extensive and similar illnesses. You think this is clearly not a case of genetics, and you become suspicious that something has gone wrong in the development planning and execution of your community. You start researching possible causes for the illnesses plaguing the community and, upon further investigation, find out that a company’s unsafe chemical-disposal practices may be to blame for the calamity. You decide, at that point, to notify your community of your findings so that everyone can unite in a fight for justice. • Write a letter of approximately 500 words in length that you intend to have published by your local newspaper addressing your concerns with the public health of the community. We currently live in a decent suburban community just a couple of miles away from the city. Moving here, all was well; everyone get along, healthy, and happy! But in the recent years, we have been noticing that our fellow neighbors looked sick and felt the same illness. Slowly and carefully, we started to notice the similarities of illness between those in the community. We knew that something was up and we needed to focus on the cause of this matter as soon as possible. This was a small community, so we wanted to make sure that we could stop whatever caused this terrible sickness. Because everyone had the same type of sickness, we started researching heavily on this matter. This was our community, so we had to save it, whether it turned out to be a big issue or small. We started investigating on the recently...
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