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Together We Stand Letter Hum 111 Week 7

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Together We Stand Letter Hum 111 Week 7

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Together we stand

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Together we stand

After witnessing the rare situation of seeing how many citizens from my community started suffering from a strange disease and showing all the same symptoms (allergies, asthma, rash, and stomach diseases), I decided to do something about it. Looking for information, I understood that our environment was not to blame but the gas company might have something to do with this. These types of companies could easily put the health from the people around them in danger if they do not follow the applicable laws or their safety policy is not followed strictly.

These companies operations are regulated by the federal government and some environmental protecting agencies. If they do not follow strict safety rules they might end up putting harmful chemicals into groundwater, or contaminate the air with vapor. The people around these type of installations could ingest or absorb these contaminants when they drink the water or have any contact with it. These contaminants are harmful to the human body and can lead to illness and in some cases even death.

During my research I talked about the issue with some experts in the topic. Government personnel that works with environmental preservation, like some EPA representatives and the Environmental Working Group. They were very helpful, provided us with all the information needed to support our suspicions and clear any doubts we could had. I also got some help from a good number of citizens to do perform a community health study.


The study revealed the real amount of people that were presenting symptoms, how many were hospitalized, how many recovered completely, the dates when this started to happen, and many other details. We also conducted a research using information obtained from articles from the local library, the internet, magazines, and government’s health...

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