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Together We Stand

By | April 2011
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Together We Stand

HUM/111 April 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

My name is Eric G. I am been a resident in the Farewell Community for approximately five years. I am writing this letter because it has been brought to my attention that there are several families who have fallen ill in this community. All the families who are sick are showing the same symptoms. These symptoms are headaches, nausea, sinus infections, dizziness, shortness of breath, muscle soreness, confusion, and in extreme cases - seizures. Some of you may be reading this and are showing the same symptoms. I have done some thorough research and believe we have found the problem. The problem is the installation of the gas lines in the newly developed Farewell Community. We must do something about the illnesses that have befallen on our community. We must protect our families and our community. In order for anything to be done we must stand together to reach a solution. As an individual my voice may fall upon deaf ears, but as a community we can stand up and make our voice heard.

During my investigation I asked many questions to the residents of Farwell Community. I asked questions such as if they had done anything different or new recently. I asked basic questions to find out the routines of these families. I asked questions to the developers and home builders to see if new or different materials were used. I was assured that the same materials were used in developing the next neighborhood over and there is no issues or problems there. Finally I asked the gas company if they had done anything different. They recently switched manufactures of the gas lines but assured me that there are no problems because there were many tests done to approve these lines. The gas company has sent out technicians to test the air in the community and in several random houses. The results showed that there is no gas being leaked into the air. They expressed sympathy for the ill families but assured me it was not a...

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