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Together We Stand

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  • Feb. 2011
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To the Editor,
Let me first start off with introducing myself, my name is Theresa Helmly. I am a member/resident of the Honey Tree Community just south of Big Bertha’s tree farm. The reason I am writing is to bring awareness to my community and other communities as well of the inexplicable illnesses that have been crippling residents of Honey Tree. We are a fairly new community of only five years to be exact. In the past couple of years my neighbors have been getting seriously ill and the doctors do not know what is causing this. Some of the symptoms are nausea, vomiting, headaches, extreme fatigue, cramping, muscle soreness, abdominal pain, dizziness, low grade fevers, severe sinus infections and seizures. Which lead doctors to misdiagnoses and the problem is getting worse. I feel with making this publicly noted will help others if they are experiencing the same symptoms or problems. With this running in the local newspaper it may also help in generating any ideas of what could be causing this outbreak. I went around to everyone that was sick and asked them if they would write down anything and everything that they could think of that they did different any places that they visited before the onset of problems. Went and talked with store owners to see where they received their supplies from. I had everyone that could help me brainstorm we made lists of possible causes checking them off as we did our research and found it was not the reason. After many dead ends I decided to go to the University in town and spoke with a teacher there. She taught critical and creative thinking, I told her what was happening in my community and that I needed help in how to solve this mystery. I was desperate. She sat me down and explained seven strategies on how I could stimulate my mind, my imagination. In my research over the next couple of weeks I tried to ask myself what response most people would think of in trying to figure this out and what would they not think of. This...

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