Together We Stand

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  • Published : August 4, 2013
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Together We Stand (Letter)

Michael R. Francoeur


October 7, 2012
Chrishell Lewis

Together We Stand

To All Community Members:

As you may or may not know there has been an alarming outbreak of serious illness within our small, close knit community. After establishing that many residents were showing similar symptoms and the number of reported illnesses began to grow, I have decided to research the possible causes of this outbreak.

Careful evaluation of this illness and its related symptoms has caused me to look at several possibilities. First and foremost was the possibility of a viral or bacterial infection. Unfortunately it is not so simple. This illness is not caused by any type of transmittable infection, but most likely by exposure to a contaminant of some sort.

While conducting this investigation, I also needed to determine whether all of the reported illnesses were genuine. As with many situations like this, sometimes people just feel the need to be involved or included and may not be completely honest. In this situation, however, that is not the case although I wish it were.

When I realized this was caused by a contaminant of some sort, my curiosity peaked, causing me to look more closely at our surroundings. I have considered many possible causes for this type of contamination. Could there be a pollutant in our water reclamation plant? Could the gas company’s practices possibly be to blame? Is the soil used to build our fairly new community on somehow contaminated? Is it possibly something used in the construction of our homes is making us ill?

I have spent many hours carefully assessing these prospects only to find them to be nothing more than fallacies. This led me to a small chemical company within the community. I have had previous concerns with how the waste from this chemical company was handled, but dismissed my concerns based on the assumption that strict EPA regulations were in place. While our...
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